Monday, June 22, 2015

Splash Time!

We made it to the zoo again to take advantage of Member Monday.  This time the splash pad was working :).  It was also Clark's official birthday so it was fun to do something fun on his day!  The cousins came and played too so that is always great.  I had a great time trying to get pictures of everyone.  We hung out for about 3 or 4 hours.  The kids were all work out when we got home!

Here is Clark!  Happy Birthday Handsome!

 I loved this waterfall!  It made for awesome photos!  I hurried over when I saw them because it really did look cool!

There was this cool water dome thing that the kids liked to hide in.  So cool!

Ella, Sandra and Peyton

 Lorna had fun, but took a while to really warm up to the water and friends. 

I found the older kids up on the big equipment ready to go down a slide!

Then the water bucket tipped and they all got soaked!

 Ella coming out of the slide!



Lorna getting comfortable.  She liked this elephant slide, until she tripped and bonked her face ;(


Sandra :)


 Mhari's turn in the dome

 Lorna on the really little slides!

Sandra and Ella in the waterfall!

 Bug playing on the frog

Mhari and Bree in the waterfall!

 Talmage and Clark in the water dome.  Talmage was so good with Clark and took him all around as his buddy for part of the time :) 

 Lorna and her friend Peyton!  It took a while for Lorna to warm up, but they really do get along well :)

Yay for the splash pad working!  Also, yay to enjoy Clark's birthday out doing something fun and with friends!  

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