Saturday, June 6, 2015

Last Soccer game!

This season really dragged on and on with all of the rain outs.  We finally finished up in June!

Clark's team played hard and won their last game.  It was great to see them play!  Clark really does play well!  I look forward to seeing his skills progress in the future!

Team photo after they got their team medals for playing!

Talmage and Grant had a double header Saturday.  It was a hot day and it was tough to pull off.  The boys played well, but they lost both games.  We were so worn out after Clark's game and the boys first game that Jeff went back with the boys for the last game.  I'm happy they are learning so much, but I hope they are able to improve as a team next season!

Talmage had a turn as goalie in the last game.

Team pizza party afterwards!  

It was great being a Spartan!  The boys really have enjoyed soccer!

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