Monday, June 1, 2015

Homeschool Fun!

Sometimes as homeschoolers my kids may feel that they miss out on some of the fun going on at the public school.  I think we do a good job of being involved and doing fun things so they don't complain :).  Before we started homeschooling Talmage got to go on a field trip to Hawaiian Falls water park!  What a fun thing to do, right!  Well, the water park also has a homeschool day!  I must say they also have plenty of other kids there on field trips, but it was nice to get to go at a discounted rate and bring the whole family!  This is one of our favorite summer activities!  We get to hang out with other awesome homeschoolers and just relax!  We didn't get to stay the whole time since Sandra had piano in the afternoon, but it was still great to get out and play!

Here are the few photos I snagged while kids were around me :)

Lorna ... not sure she was happy to be there yet.  It always takes her a few ... hours to warm up!



Talmage, and Owen (Grant is there too, just can't seem him behind Talmage).  The kids love doing these things with their cousins!

Lorna finally having fun!


Tiffany and I got to go on a few rides while Nathan hung out with the little people.  Going on rides is always my favorite part!  We even went on a bigger ride, Pineapple Express, with Clark!  He was scared, but he did it with us!  I love that the kids are getting bigger and getting to enjoy these fun places!

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