Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Big 5!

Since Father's Day was Sunday and Clark's birthday was on Monday we combined efforts and gathered on Saturday to celebrate the Daddy's and Clark!  
Here is Clark's celebration!

Daddy loves to help light the candles!  

 Clark is so ready to blow them out!

So cute!

 He wanted a watermelon cake (probably because Jeff always has one), so I made my own version of a cake made from watermelon.  I frosted the watermelon in cool whip and added the strawberries for decoration.  He loved it!  The kids ate it pretty well and really it tasted great too!

By the time I thought to took a picture this was all that was left!  It was kind of fun to eat a cake that doesn't make you regret eating it later :)

 After dessert Clark got to open all of his presents.  It is sure fun to live by family... Clark enjoyed getting a few extra presents ;).  

A bey blade from cousins. 

Inflatable sword (cousins)

Ball and bat


 another cool car (cousins)

 A mouse from Grandma and Grandpa

 A game from Mommy and Daddy! 

Clark and all of his goodies!

Clark is a great kid!  He is so sweet!  I think Lorna is his best friend.  They love to play together :).  He loves cars, trains, animals, dinosaurs, swimming, balls, basketball, puzzles, games... you get the idea!  He loves his brothers too!  He is really a happy kid!  I think one of his funnest qualities is how naturally silly he is.  He brings so much joy to our home!

It was fun to talk to him about his birthday.  He had a nice list for me of what he wanted.  It made shopping pretty easy!  He wanted a ball and bat, a fish stuffed animal, a black car, helicopter, bouncy ball, and a remote control car.  I had to get the game instead of the car because I couldn't find one when I went shopping.  He is also pretty young and I figured he would get over it.  He was a great sport about not getting a remote control car, even though he was sure to ask me about it later.  

Well, on his birthday a package came from Grandma Whitmer.  It was great to have something for him to open on his birthday!  Really, after celebrating on Saturday he was convinced he was 5 already.  I think we convinced him he wasn't yet, but still no fun to still have to wait to be 5!
Anyway, he opened the package and there was a shirt AND a remote controlled car!  It was a present miracle!  He was so happy!  I was sure to tell Grandma what a great job she had done on the present (since I didn't give her any hints).  

He's so happy!

Clark is a wonderful boy and we are so grateful he is part of our family!  He is growing up so fast and will be starting kindergarten in the fall!  He has been doing great with his speech and has continued to improve and communicate more and more.  It is amazing how quickly time can fly and how big our baby boy is getting!

Happy Birthday to our Big Dog Clark!  We love you!

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