Monday, June 8, 2015

Member Mondays!

Our Zoo does Member Mondays in June.  They have snacks, free train rides and carousel rides as well as free admittance into their new splash pad!  We headed on out to enjoy some perks of our membership. 

We were really looking forward to the new splash pad.  It costs $5 to get in normally and members get a discount at $4... per person (over 2).  Well, since I don't plan to pay that sort of price we were really excited for the member Monday promotion!  When we pulled into the zoo there was a sign stating that the splash pad was currently closed due to technical difficulties.  We were so disappointed!  We really had just been to the zoo a week earlier and really wanted to enjoy the splash pad this time around.  I filled out a comment card hoping to get tickets to use at a later time to make up for our loss during this trip.  Well, they responded with the idea to hit another member Monday in June with no reference to any other way to make up for the inconvenience.  I was sad, but life goes on. 

Well, here is what we did enjoy on our Member Monday at the zoo!

An animal encounter with a Macaw :)

New baby giraffes! 
More lion cub action!  There were actually 3 cubs!

A statue that I hadn't noticed before... who had extra guests living in a very personal area!
Nasty wasps!

 Clark hugging a turkey statue.  Silly boy!

Free carousel rides!  

Bree and Mhari

 Ella and Sandra


 Clark and Talmage

Despite the disappointment we really did have a nice day.  It was hot and we spent plenty of time playing in the water tower splash water just to let the kids cool off.  I'm glad the kids got to enjoy some of the perks that were being offered!

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