Saturday, June 20, 2015

Scout Camp!

Talmage is finally old enough to attend Boy Scout Camp!  He was very excited!  This is the first time he has been away from family .... like ever :/.  Jeff was able to go down and spend a few days with him at camp so I think that helped.  It also helped that he was so busy doing as many merit badges as he could that he didn't have a lot of down time.  

This is the tent set up.  It wasn't the best, but the tent did tie down pretty well.  They ended up with a remnant hurricane storm blowing through for a few days.  That made everything really wet!  

So cute going to all of his classes :)

Daddy and Talmage!

One day they did a canoe and swim relay challenge.  Talmage didn't participate, but his troop did.  One of his friends, Tanner, is on a swim team and brought their team back from behind to tie for first!  Jeff got to be there for the race and was amazed at how fast Tanner could swim!  Way to go boys!

Talmage got 9 merit badges and is well on his way to getting his Eagle!  Way to go Talmage!  We missed you!

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