Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Let's Swim!

Summer is here and to help us while it's so hot we spend a lot of time swimming.  Well, we also do swim lessons to be sure everyone can swim ;).  

I was able to work with Clark and get him swimming just a week or so before swim lesson started.  It was very exciting to see him gain confidence and really start swimming!  That just leaves us with one little person who can't swim.  I guess we will see how long it takes Lorna... maybe next year she will be swimming too ;).  

Anyway, we went to the Grena's house again for swim lessons.  I signed up the youngest 4...

Here is Clark with his class.  He did really well :)

Kicking his feet. 

Then it was Lorna's turn.  She loves the water, even if she can't quite swim on her own yet. 

While the little ones swim the bigger kids play.  They really enjoy the trampoline.  The sad part is that the kids are now too big to have so many on it at a time and the trampoline ended up getting ripped.  They were sad when they couldn't spend their time jumping anymore.

Sandra and Grant

Mhari's turn.  She's working on her kicks.  They just taught her the breast stroke.


 Silly girl

Poor Sandra is in the last class.  That means she waits, and waits for her turn.  She gets hot and bored.  It's hard to be a big 9 year old.

Clark is also pretty worn out by the end of the day.  Being first to swim means he gets hot too.

Mhari doing the back stroke

Watching the swim class

Talmage and Grant were able to help out some at the Grena's house.  As payment for helping Sister Grena let them join the swim class a few times.  I'm sure it was a nice break from being out in the heat!

Sandra swimming

Talmage and Grant racing

Talmage won

Swim lessons keep us busy for a few weeks.  It's fun for me to get to visit with the other families and see the kids improve in their swimming skills.  

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