Wednesday, June 3, 2015

More paint!

With all of the painting we have done in the family room we really wanted to keep painting the house.  Some of the walls are so high that I don't want to tackle them yet, but there are a few places we can keep painting.  There is this one wall by the stairs that used to match the family room... where we painted yellow behind the TV.  It had gotten chipped and dirty and really just needed to be painted.  I must say that flat paint and little children fingers don't mix well!  

Here is the before photo!

It took me just an evening to get it done... but it was pretty bright.  

Did you notice how it matches the wall in the room behind it.  That yellow just is a little bright for me.  It is great paint, but I'm not sure how much I really want to stare at it.  

After talking with Jeff and thinking about the house colors etc. we decided to paint it neutral instead.  This will bring down some of our crazy colors and help us as we try to stick with some sort of color pallet.  

Jeff helped me out and we got the wall done, the nook to the bathroom under the stairs, a small wall by the master bedroom, and the inside wall of the stairs! It was a very productive night!

Here is how it turned out! 

I know that it can be hard to see the color because it is a neutral tone, but it really just feels more calm.  It is also amazing to have at least one of the walls by the stairs looking clean!

This is the wall I didn't do.  The flash probably makes it look better than it does, but there is pencil, crayon, and lots of dirty hand prints all over this wall!  

I'm looking forward to doing more painting, just not for a few months.  It's always nice when it's done, but it can be tedious work!

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