Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Somewhere over the Rainbow!

With May being gone so is the crazy, constant rain.  It is nice and hot... even muggy.  The bugs are out in full force.  Even though the rain has died down we will still get the occasional shower.  It is always nice to keep the grass growing, that's for sure :).  

A storm moved through the area and we just got the tail of it.  Really, I think it only sprinkled on us.  I was out with the kids and I saw a beautiful rainbow!  It was over the greenbelt above the lake.  There was a faint reflection of it about it, but it was too faint to capture with the camera.  

I wish it was even brighter.  I think rainbows are amazing!

Grant with the rainbow behind him.  Getting more and more faint.

Sandra and Lorna

There is just a hint of the rainbow going right above Sandra's head.  

Because of the rainbow I decided to go upstairs on our small balcony and try to get a better shot of it.  When I went outside I was being attacked by tiny little gnats.  They seemed to be everywhere.  Then the Crepe Myrtle tree was blocking the view so it wasn't even a better angle.  After thinking for a minute there were several pieces that fit together.  First, Jeff has had gnats in his office with no explanation.  We have them around the house, but really no source.  His office has a door that connects to the balcony.  That's when I figured out where his bug problem was coming from!  It is actually a problem with the crepe myrtle tree.  It attracts a beetle that secretes a sweet sticky substance.  That attracts ants, wasps and apparently gnats.  After I bug sprayed the balcony and the front porch (also completely overrun with gnats) I worked on taking off the limbs of the crepe myrtle so there are no more beetles to start the evil chain.  We will eventually take the trees all the way out, but for now the bug problem seems to be more manageable.  I think it's interesting that I never would have thought of this if I hadn't gone out to the balcony to take a picture of the beautiful rainbow!  
You never know what problems can be solved along our way!

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